Broken Dreams



Dreaming - I get by when I'm dreaming
Feeling - all the memories I'm keeping

Most of my wishes have seen the light
But I'm still not done
Somehow I don't see the stars at night
Like the magic is gone

Down in the middle of a broken dream
I'm changing inside
Where's the key to my world
Wish I was living up my memories
There are no goodbyes - nothing at all

Feeling - life has changed every meaning
Seeking - for some love to believe in

I long for the time when I had my dreams
When I was young
I lived by the spirit of fantasies
But now the magic is gone


Written, composed and arranged
Robby Valentine
Lead-vocals, harmony-vocals, grand-piano, synthesizers, rhythm-guitars, drum and synth programming, synth basses, lead-guitar
Robby Valentine
Extra harmony-vocals
Johan Willems
Fairlight programming
Attie Bauw
Bass-guitar and extra harmony vocals
Artgur Polini
Lex Bolderdijk
Produced, engineered and mixed
Erwin Musper

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Broken Dreams