Don't Make Me Wait Forever



Memories on a lonely night
Make me feel all the pain inside
Since you've been gone
This life seems so wrong

I understand why you had to go
I understand why you felt so low
(Low with me)
I was too young and so insecure

I don't blame you for leaving me
I guess I'd have done the same thing
If I were you
But you don't see
What life has done to me
I still believe in you and me

Baby don't make me wait forever
We're having this dream together
Hoping that someday - someday
Baby don't make me wait till heaven
'Cause we can fulfil this magic
Wishing that someday we'll be one

Oh if you only were here
Together eternally - oh hold me


Baby - no one can wait forever
Don't let us miss this magic
Why can't you be here
Love of my life


Lead vocals, grand piano, synthesizers, harmony vocal, drum
Robby Valentine
Lead & rhythm guitars
Rob Winter
Bass guitar
Arthur Polini
Cymbals & Hi-hats
Pim Koopman

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Don't Make Me Wait Forever