Eleanor Robyn



I see you sitting in the classroom
It seems you're doing alright
So I walk away to the car
Feel the tears well up in my eyes

I can't believe where did the time go
So suddenly you turned four
But I ain't ready yet, not by far
No I can't let you out of my sight

Oh it's too soon, you're still so vulnerable
Or is it just me who can't let go
A pain in my chest, a hole in my past
It's going too fast


Baby when you're all grown up one day
I might not be in this world that day
But bear in your mind, deep in your heart
I'll be there
All you have to do is call my name
Every time your heart's in disarray
This is the truth
I will always be watching over you

I held your hand inside the cradle
Or else you couldn't fall asleep
Now you ride your bike, sing your own songs
And climb the highest tree

Eleanor Robyn

I can't believe how fast you're growing
A little bigger each day
You're so beautiful and full of life
But I can't keep up with the pace

There comes a time, you'll get away from us
Into the world, I hate to know
A pain in my chest, a hole in my past
It's going too fast



I saw you sitting in the class room
You were looking so sad
How it breaks my heart
I fight the urge to take you home again



Eleanor Robyn...

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