Loaded with pressure on my own
Locked in my door prancing so unknown

Here are my hopes
Never recalled
But life killed the mountain
And no one stands tall

I believe in God
I believe in love
Never ask me why
They don't really know, do you?
Where the sacred son is going to

Tell me now
Why you give me this feeling
Or is life sold down the doubt

Tell me Lord
what you do to me
Why do you keep me alive?
Do you hold me tight?
I don't know why it's just a matter at all

I don't know how to please you
I deceived you, I did try
Can you ever trust me, Sire
Can you ever trust me, Sire
Never be the one in sin again

And that's a promise
in my heart and in my soul
And I will stay with you forever
Through life, through eternity
and back again
You are the saviour of the universe
You're the lord of of all, I believe in you


Composed, written, arranged and produced
Robby Valentine

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