Eyes In The Mirror



Eyes in the mirror made me try to see
Things that take the pride away
Life, such a beautiful delight, did pass me all the way

Like it's so hard to get in harmony
Think it's just the price to pay
Life I wanted to deny but I need it anyway

I give my heart and soul to reach the highest star
I'm shifting all my goals and try to get that far

What can I do, what can I say
I cannot fly away
The doubt inside ain't gonna change my mind
'Cause I still can't quit the game

Life in the mirror made me hide and seek
Where's the true delight of day
Life I wanted to deny but I need it anyway
I need it anyway, I need it anyway


Composed, written, arranged and produced
Robby Valentine
Piano, guitars, bass-guitar, synthesizers, all vocals, voices and other noises
Robby Valentine
Drums and percussion
Juan van Emmerloot
Rob Winter

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Eyes In The Mirror