Ma Cherie



I looked in the mirror
I was so far from home
It was the life I always wanted
Never felt so alone

I asked myself
must I go through this hell again
I was tired of beinig lonely
I was lost without a friend

But all it took was a miracle
'Cause all my life I've been waiting for you

But now that your spirit glows inside of me
I can finally feel like heaven
You're more than I wanted, we are meant to be
You exceed my dreams, you're heaven
You're all my mind can see - Ma cherie

Back to my senses
At this place all alone
She's the love I always wanted
Like I finally found home

I told myself I mustn't lose my head again
I was tired of all the hurting and the pains that never ends
But we just knew that it was magical
'Cause all my life I've been searching for you


Take my hand and let our lives begin
Take me all the way, carry me home




Composed, written, arranged and produced
Robby Valentine
Piano, lead vocals, vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, bass guitar solo, drum programming, synthesizers, rhythm guitars
Robby Valentine
Bass guitar
Arthur Polini
Lead guitars
Rob Winter
Juan van Emmerloot

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Ma Cherie