My Only 1



I just don't know how I got through
This lonely life without you
This big deception, the disaffection
Darkened my mind, how it colored me blue

What did I know, how could I see
The fading trust infected me
But since I saw you my wish did come true
I stay by your side come what may - anyway

When I live - when I die
All I have - I give to you
When I wish - when I cry
When I fight - I do it for you
Together we're strong
Baby you're my only one

It's like a dream I stepped into
A story from a fairytale book
You're my perfection
Gave me direction
All my life I've been searching for you

Can't think of my life without you
Your love would always guide me through
My love's forever
It's now or never
I stay by your side come what may - anyway


Composed, writted, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed & performed
Robby V

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My Only 1