Never Be Lonely



Never be lonely in the night
'Cause I'll be here

Time here is nothing but a test, dear
Time enough to choose, the echo in your ear
My dear, it's plain you must be sincere
Then He won't let you lose the game all people fear

Sometimes your mind don't know
What-t-to do - I hear it too
No need for being insecure

Never be lonely in the night
'cause I'll be here (Your Valentine)
Never be lonely now (let me be)
Your shelter for life

Don't fear the challenge that you got here
Turn the sin into sound, the echo in your ear
Life here is filled with love and hate, dear
Don't let it bring you down, don't let it get you near

I couldn't always be with you
What could I do (but now I'm here)
So leave this self-destructive war


I believe we are the lonely one
Always searching for what's right
But we're not the only one
Who sinned and sobbed inside
Why don't we feel the strength
'Cause we can turn the tide
But don't you kill the child


Let's reconcile again


Composed, written, arranged and produced
Robby Valentine
All instruments and vocals
Robby Valentine

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Never Be Lonely