Reincarnated Virtually



Listen to your heart
Listen to your mind
Listen to your soul
What the fuck d-d-do I have to listen to?
Back beat down beat
I would never concede
Wrong time, wrong year, what am I gonna do?

I got my number right this time I might
Achieve a whole lot more, but I did all before

I am Mozart can't you see
Reincarnated virtually
Stuck in golden memories
Don't know who is there to please
Tell me who's deceased?

Minor, major, this is so contagious
Like I'm caught up in some voodoo
Slow song, fast song, everything I do is wrong
What d-d-do I have to do

I won't repeat myself this time I don't
I think it's such a bore,
So I'm not gonna do it anymore


Composed, writted, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed & performed
Robby V

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Reincarnated Virtually