Save Our Souls



Flee in the night, fear for your life
I warned you, here you're nothing but a loser
Crossed and denied, blinded your sight
I told you, you shouldn't stare into the sun

And I try try try try
Got to find a remedy time is running out on me
Try try try try
Now that I'm hearing the sound of goodbye


Save our souls
Run to the water, run to the sea
Across the ocean, against the stream

Dark is the night for a freak left behind
I warned you, you shouldn't play a game of losers
Misguided missile, it's nearly the end of the line
You're staring into the barrel of a gun

It's too high high high high
The hopes and fears, the fantasies,
the blasphemy, the ecstacy ecstasy
High high high high
Now that I'm hearing the sound of goodbye

(Repeat chorus)

Run for your life
Run to the border, try to break free
Before it's all over, get out of here

(Repeat chorus)

Robby talks about Save Our Souls

Being inspired by Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’, I came up with the verses. It’s about trying to escape from Bizarro World. That whatever you do, wherever you go, you would never fit in. It’s about time to escape, run away. Before it’s too late. But the question is, where to escape to?

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Save Our Souls