The Bitter End



Down and out I'm in my bed
Robbed, abused and left for dead
I rush towards the end inside my shell
If only you could see me fall
You'd come for help and crush the walls
You'd pick me up and take me out of hell

Then we're gonna rock (Rock! Rock! Rock!)
We're gonna roll (Roll! Roll! Roll! )
We're gonna stand up to the man and get in control
We're gonna fight (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
Fight for the right (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
We're gonna fight for rock 'n' roll


We'll go on to the bitter end
On to the bitter end - On to the bitter end
We'll never stop - We won't give up
On to the bitter end
Until we drop and hit the floor

Rejected, teased, ridiculized
Ignored, betrayed and pushed aside
Don't ever try to swim against the tide
They only want to see you fall
In powder, pills and alcohol
They'll haunt you down until the day you die

But we gotta rock (Rock! Rock! Rock!)
We gotta roll (Roll! Roll! Roll!)
We gotta stand up to the man and get in control
We gotta fight (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
Step into the light (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
We got the right to rock 'n' roll



It's not a choice, it's a reason to survive
We gotta run - We gotta hide
We gotta step into the light
The Princes of the Night



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The Bitter End