The Sulky Shuffle



Wherever I go feel alone
Wherever I do 'm on my own
Like it should last forever and ever
So many chances have gone by
All by the cause of being too shy
I don't wanna be lonely forever
I'd like to go back all the way
And do it right in every way
I'm sure I would do whatever I'd like

Father Almighty from above
Make me forget this broken love
I can't spend my life crying forever - and ever
I can't keep on mourning every day
I pray for love that's here to stay
Tell me what's right, show me the light, show me the light

Hold on, hold on
Gotta ta ta be alright - I give it all
Hold on, Hold on
Gotta ta ta take some time
Till you're out of my mind

Whenever I thought I'd seen the light
A blessing for always being upright
How could I think it would be forever - and ever
I'd like to take this blues away
And stop reviving yesterday
Save me tonight, show me the light, show me the light


Till you can suck my mind
(You're out of my mind)

But why can't you see
There's more in life than living for a dream
I know that it's true
But I can't keep my mind away from you

Chorus x 2


Composed, writted, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed & performed
Robby V
Lead guitar
Rob Winter

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The Sulky Shuffle