Trip To The Moon



Play me a song I can drown into
I got first class tickets for a trip to the moon
I got blue, pink... Jesus all I'm trying to do
Is shoot the rain away

Deep, dark, black, brought the record back
Don't care tonight could cause a major panic-attack
I need a touch of heaven, gotta give me some slack
And push the clouds away

Baby just come on, prepare for the ride
Hold on, hold on tight


Aaaaaaaaahh aaaaaaaahh - Baby you turn me on
You shake, shake, shake it just right - Come on honey!
Aaaaaaaaahh aaaaaaahh - Baby you burn them all
We'll stay awake 'til the morning light - Come on honey!

The DJ's playing a song you are dancing to
In just high heals baby I'm watching you heels
With my hand in my pocket and your clothes in my shoe
You drive the crowd insane

I wear my one sleeved shirt and my leather flares
Long hair, black nails, everyone stares
Too much eye-liner, babe we're such a freaky pair
We blow them all away

We gotta roll on, speed up the ride
Hold on, hold on tight

(Repeat chorus x 2)

Robby talks about Trip To The Moon

One of the first dance minded Valentine songs. It’s about going out and all that comes with it. Going to the max, crossing the line. Getting into a bad trip in the final part with a fatal ending.

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Trip To The Moon