Wild Child



Darling's on the run
For a world so wrong
Don't know where to go
Lost and all alone
There's no way back home
Daddy let her know

No one understands
What's running through her head
No one seems to care
When she's drifting so sad
Like she never finds a way somehow

Wild child
There's a place in my heart
There's a space in my life
Left for you
Wild child
Just don't push it too far
Try to see
That your dreams can come through
'Cause babe I still rely on you

Waiting for so long
For the love to come
Seems an endless fight
Rambling on and on
While it all goes wrong
In this chanceless life

No one ever knows
What's hidden deep inside
All the bitterness
Seems frozen in her mind
Like it never fades away somehow


It's just a year ago
When I saw you walking by
How could you get that low
It makes me wanna cry
I will try to find an answer
I will try to understand
If you give me just
One more chance

Wild child - ooh - ooh
There's a place in my heart
Wild child - ooh - ooh
There's a place in my heart


Woh - woh - woh - woh
Woh - woh - woh - woh
There's a place in my heart
Wild child - woh - woh
Where it all can come true
Babe I'm still in love with you


Lead vocals & synthesizers
Robby Valentine
Lead & rhythm guitars
Rob Winter
Bass guitar
Arthur Polini
Hans Eijkenaar
Harmony vocals
Arthur & Robby

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Wild Child